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L6001Aluminium alloy hubs
L6003Aluminium alloy hubs
L6005Aluminium alloy hubs
L6010Aluminium alloy hubs
L6011Aluminium alloy hubs
L6013Aluminium alloy hubs
L6014Aluminium alloy hubs
L6015Aluminium alloy hubs
Address:Panjia instudrial area,Xueyan town,Wujin,Changzhou

  The company products are mainly in series of steel hubs,alumin-ium alloy hubs and the scope of specification is within 4inches-12inches
Altogether more than 40 breeds.

  We also provide the service of surface treatment such as for gushing moulding, roasting
Lacquer, electroplating, polishing and etc.
Recentyears, our company introduces advanced production facilities and technology continuously, absorbs professional talents, also we improve and perfect our products quality System Certification in order to meet the requirements of customers.

  Our tenet is“Meticulously Made,considerately Served”.Our staffs are making great efforts in aiming at creating the best team spirit, the best products quality and the best service idea.We sincerely welcome customers in or abroad to visit our company.