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L6001Aluminium alloy hubs
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Address:Panjia instudrial area,Xueyan town,Wujin,Changzhou

The Mission of Company
1、 To create a distinguished international competitiveness of enterprises for the state.
2、 To create a world brand with centuries of development for the nation.
3、 To structure the platform of realization of human values for staff.

Company Strategic Goals
Continuously forge ahead, adhere to the scientific development, efforts to innovation, effective integration of global resources, to enable the company to be the China and the world’s leading enterprise.

Company Development Strategy
With scientific management, quality assurance, broadening of the market, efficiency’s improvement, we will win the market and brand by advantages in quality and service.

Company management approach
Services, coordination, guidance, supervision and assessment.
Services-- Leaders service for Subordinate staff. Authorities service for basics. Every procedure services for the next procedure. Staffs service buyers and customers.
Coordination——coordinating relations between enterprise and government, company and brother units, departments and staffs of company.

Guidance——with overall and professional guidance, no leapfrog management, to be a coach not an athlete.

Supervision——supervise and inspect departments and employers and the whole process in all directions.

Assessment - assessments are with wages linked by full implementation of comprehensive assessments.

Coordination of business and, business and fraternal units, the enterprise sector, the relationship staff

Company’s Spirit
Train excellent staffs. Construct excellent team. Use excellent equipment. Have excellent management. Produce excellent product. Have excellent service. Create a excellent brand.