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For every customer’s satisfaction as the first factor, our company establishes a complete set of after-sales service system.

1.Services System
--enthusiastically answered the calls and letters from the custom units inquiries, and properly solve practical problems and to establish customer service files.
-- Warmly and seriously host visiting customers and deal with related issues as soon as possible until customers return with satisfaction.
-- All products messages returned to the company because of size or quality problems must be filled in the record form, to summary and fill timely every month.

2.After-sales Service Content
verified the number after the goods arrived, we send technicians to customized units to identify the situation, according to the Three Guarantees’ contents, after-sales service will period to 12 months, to make sure the customized units to be satisfied.

3.After-sales Service Approach
-- we send commissioner to customized units to identify the situation in 3 to 10 days after the goods arrived. According to the relevant information checked by commission, technician will be sent in three days to maintain the after-sales service to each set in accordance with the Three Guarantees’ contents with the cooperation provided by customized units. Dissatisfied products will be taken back to the factory by technician, modified or even rework under the premise of guaranteeing the quality, and the repairing work will be completed within 18 days, and immediately sent to the customized units.
--During the warranty period (12 months), we will send technicians to visit the customized units time to time, and conscientiously insure the service work for the corresponding problems. The details of products concerned on, will be seriously answered until every unit and staff to be satisfied.
-- According to the customer characteristics of the industry, separate after-sales service and reasonable manner.